Bundy Juice – Our Story

Bundy Juice humbly began in Bundaberg, Queensland. It was the summer of 1992, and the supermarkets were lacking a simple, old-fashioned, thirst-quenching drink. A perfect combination of pineapple, orange and passionfruit was blended, seeds and all, and Bundy Tropical was born! The unique taste was an instant hit with the local community.

Bundy Juice was on a roll after that, creating our own versions of the usual juices and drinks, as well as a premium range using only the best ingredients. This range includes 99% Orange, 50% Orange Mango and of course Tropical, to name just a few.

A factory was set up in the heart of Bundaberg to cater for the increasing demand for Bundy Juice. The factory has expanded over time and is now a robust operation and provides easy access to Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns and their associated export facilities.

A partnership has been formed with the dairy co-operative, Norco, who is our preferred distributor in the southern QLD and northern NSW areas. We are proud of our association with this Australian owned company, which was started in 1895.

Further advancements have been made in 2016 when Bundy Juice was introduced into the Coles Distribution Centre in QLD, allowing our products to be easily accessible to the public in Coles stores all over QLD.

Today Bundy Juice has a strong customer base due to its unique taste and exceptional quality. It is a success also because of the people behind it and the excellent customer service they provide.

Our vision at Bundy Juice is to make our Bundylicious range of juices and drinks available not only nationally, but thanks to diversifying our product portfolio, we are also looking to enter the export markets. Our local Bundy Juiceā€¦. Ready to take on the world!